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Available options include Foil Blocking, Spot colour printing, Spot UV varnish, Embossing and debossing and round corners.
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A good business card should convey the overall image of your business. Don't expect your business card to tell your company's entire story. Present a professional image that people will remember.

The colour, wording and texture of your business card have a lot to do with its appeal and its ability to convey your company image. Use common sense when you're designing your card. If your business markets children's items, you might try using bright, primary colours and words written in a child's script. On the other hand, if you run an Accountancy service, you want your business card to convey professionalism and reliability, so stick to traditional looks such as black printing on a Gray, cream or white background.

Use your logo as the main element on the card. Don't crowd too much information on the card. Include the essentials like your name, title, company name, address, phone and fax numbers and e-mail address and make sure your name and business name are immediately identifiable. Make sure the typeface chosen is easily readable.

Make the most of your business cards: Always give people more than one card (so they can give it to others). Include your card in all your correspondence. Carry cards with you at all times.